Alma Chapter 5 Study Questions

Free study guide that goes along with the powerful questions asked in Alma Chapter 5 in the Book of Mormon.

Hey friends! It’s Heidi from A Lively Hope, here with another free study guide! Alma Chapter five is one of the most thought-provoking chapters in scripture.  It promotes deep reflection as we read and apply to our daily lives the questions Alma asked.   His questions are profound, inspired to help us to better understand ourselves and our conversion to the gospel as well as deepen our understanding of Heavenly Father and our faith in and relationship with him.

This chapter is brimming over with beautiful and inspiring questions like:

  • Have ye spiritually been born of God?
  • Have ye received his image in your countenances?
  • Have ye experienced {a} mighty change in your hearts?

I was recently inspired to create this study help that goes along with Alma chapter 5.  The study guide features 24 questions taken directly from the scriptures.

How to use this Alma Chapter 5 Study Guide:

Print questions (link below)

Cut out individual squares and glue them into your scripture journal or even directly into your scriptures.

Ponder the questions (pray to understand the question and how to apply it to your life)

Write your answers. Share personal experiences as well as impressions, promptings and guidance you receive.

Alma Chapter 5 Study Guide

I find that I think best through writing; maybe you’re that way too?  Sometimes I discover things I didn’t know about myself as I’m writing about them. Writing experiences down helps me to internalize and process them and I find my convictions are stronger when I finish. It may feel awkward for you at first, especially if you’re not much of a journal keeper. But as you ponder and write, you will most likely uncover truth in your life as well as be spurred to action in one (or more!) particular area.

So even if it feels out of your comfort zone, I highly encourage you to spend time thinking about and writing your answers to these questions.  Alma lived hundreds of years ago, but his words are just as inspiring and just as applicable now as they were back then.


DOWNLOAD Alma Chapter 5 Study Guide


We’d love to see how you put this study guide to use! Share a photo and tag me on Instagram.

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  1. Holly

    Wonderful Alma 5 study cards. I’m making them to use for Book of Mormon seminary next year. Thank you!