Pun Thank You Cards to Color

Hi! It’s Heidi from A Lively Hope back with another fun printable for you! Today I’m sharing some sweet and punny little thank you cards to color.

It is our family tradition to include making thank you cards in our festive activities before Christmas (I’ve found that we have a lot more excitement to actually make the cards before Christmas, rather than after).  So I usually include them in our countdown to Christmas. In the past we’ve made simple cards like this. This year I decided to switch things up a bit and make them even easier.  

I drew some punny little doodles and put them on cards for my kiddos (and yours!) to color.


Pun Thank You Cards 

The cards that you will receive in this download include: Thanks a Ton!,  Thanks a Melon!, Let’s “Taco” bout How Great You Are!, and Thank You “Beary” Much!

My 10 year old son walked in while I was drawing these and started giggling.  He loved the silliness of the cards and was excited to start coloring them for his Grandparents.


How to make printable Pun Thank You Cards

Download and Print the document below. Then, cut the pages in half (they will be the perfect size for size A2 envelopes). Color the pictures. Fold in half and write your personal message on the inside. Mail or deliver to your loved ones. Done! It’s that simple.

Free Printable Thank You Cards

Download my Pun Thank You Cards HERE!

We hope you love these cards as much as we do. We’d love to hear if you use them, so leave a comment below and tell us!

Heidi Hillman
Heidi is a homeschooling mama to four miracle children (two biological and two adopted). She is a voracious reader, and avid journal keeper and loves to paint, draw, knit and embroider. She and her awesome husband and kids live in Cache Valley, Utah and spend as much time outdoors as possible. Heidi blogs at www.alivelyhope.com.
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Heidi Hillman

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  1. Holly

    These punny cards are adorable. Thanks so much!