LDS Personal Progress P Party

Hey!  It’s Natalie here with everything you’ll need to throw the perfect Personal Progress P Party for your Young Women.

What’s a Personal Progress P Party you ask?  Well, it’s a party where everything starts with the letter P!  It’s also a fun activity to help Young Women pass off experiences for Personal Progress.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced plans to change some of the youth programs, including Personal Progress.  You can read the Official Statement here.

The new initiative for youth will not go into place until the year 2020.  All youth have been encouraged to continue participating in Activity Days, Faith in God, Duty to God, and Personal Progress.  Young Women have about 18 months to finish Personal Progress if they wish.  I know several girls who are close to receiving their Young Womanhood Recognition.  A Personal Progress P Party is a perfect way to get them all motivated to finish and kickstart their progress.

I’ve tried to provide everything you’ll need to throw a P Party.  Hopefully it will minimize the amount of time it takes to prepare and plan for an activity your girls won’t soon forget!


Personal Progress P Party

Every great party starts with handing out invitations.  Simply print and cut out these pink and purple polka-dotted invitations.  Write in when and where your party will take place and then hand them out.  I know class presidencies would love to help with this!  When handing out the invitations tell the young women to come to the party wearing as many P items as possible (pink pajamas/princess crown/purse).  Also make sure they know to bring their Personal Progress book and journal.

On the night of the party, you can decide how much you want to decorate.  But make sure to set up your P treats with the pink/purple/plaid/pinstripe food labels!  Some yummy ideas are popcorn, pretzels, pineapple, pickles, punch, and parfaits.

No party is complete without some games.  Print and cut out the pieces for P Pictionary and the Pass the Present script.  Both games are simple and quick.  The young women will love playing them!  Detailed instructions for the games can be found in my P Party Instructions below.

The next part of the party is working on some Personal Progress experiences.  Each young woman can decide which experience she would like to complete that night.  If they are especially motivated, they may be able to complete two or three.


When the party is over, hand out nail polish party favors and encourage the young women to keep working on Personal Progress!

You can download all of the P Party printables and use them how you choose.  I’ve also included some instructions on how I threw our P Party if you want more details.



Click HERE to download your P Party Printables

Click HERE to download your P Party Instructions


I love how you can add to or change the P Party idea to fit any group or setting.  It would even be a fun activity for Girls’ Camp!

If you want more ideas on how to help your Young Women with working on and finishing up Personal Progress, check out these past ideas:  YW Personal Progress Rainbow and Personal Progress-O-Thon.

If you’ve thrown a P Party before, please comment below with your ideas/advice for the best party ever.  I’d also love to see the P Parties you throw!  Tag me on Instagram when you post your pictures.

Thanks for popping by!

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