{Personal Progress} Choice & Accountability experience #3: Choices Activity

Last month our YW focused on Choice & Accountability. For our Personal Progress activity we had a fun ‘choices’ activity.
The Sunday before the activity I handed out invitations. Here is what the invitations looked like.

 At the top of the invite I had the question: 
‘When faced with significant choices how do you decide?’
On each invitation was a coin & around the coin I had the phrase ‘Heads or Tails’.
I handed each girl an invitation and explained that we would be focusing on choices for our next activity. I told them to read the scriptures that were listed on the invite & be ready to discuss them.

The Night of the Activity!

For our activity I used THIS idea I found on ‘A Couple of Nuts’, but changed it up just a bit.
To begin our activity I explained that we were going to split into 2 groups. We would get into 2 cars and drive to a designated spot. Once at the spot each car would have to flip a coin to decide which way to go: Tails=left & Heads=Right.
We were trying to make it back to the church in 15 minutes.
On your Mark, Get Set, GO!
Each car began the journey by flipping their coin. My car started out going the opposite direction, and pretty much kept circling the same neighborhood for our 15 minutes.
The other car of girls got further than we did, but never made it back to the church either. The girls had alot of fun and wanted to do this for the whole activity.
When we returned to the church I had the girls take a set and then placed two cookies on a table in front of them.
One of the cookies was on a beautiful plate and the other cookie was on a paper towel
I invited one of the girls to come to the front and choose a cookie. She chose the cookie that was on the plate. Then I invited another girl up to take the other cookie.
I asked both girls to eat their cookie.
The cookie that was on the plate was disgusting! I added a bunch of salt to it specifically for this lesson.

I told the girls that sometimes Satan will make wrong things look more appealing or appetizing.
The cookie that had salt probably looked more appetizing because I had it on a very nice plate, while the other cookie was on a paper towel.Sometimes decisions we are faced with will seem fun or more appealing than what we know we are supposed to do.
For example:
All of your friends are going to watch a movie, but it’s rated ‘R’. You don’t want to be the only one that says no….will your friends make fun of you….It can’t be that bad….maybe you will lose your friends if you tell them no.

Then I asked them the questions:

“When faced with difficult decisions how do you decide?”
Do you just flip a coin? Do you go with the crowd?

Like in the ‘flipping the coin activity’ we can’t wait until that moment comes to decide. We can’t simply flip a coin to make important decisions because as we all saw….it gets us NOWHERE! 

I then shared a few quotes from President Monson’s talk:
The Three R’s of Choice.

To close, I had a special treat for each of the girls.

It was a box full of ‘Flipz’ (chocolate covered pretzels) and a pencil attached to the top.
I attached this quote to the front of each box:
When faced with significant choices don’t just ‘flip’ a coin.
“….make a determination ‘write’ here, ‘write’ now, not to
 deviate from the path which will lead to our goal:
eternal life with our Father in Heaven.”
-President Monson



This was a great activity and the girls got to pass off

Choice & Accountability #3!
If you would like to have your own ‘Choices’ activity and would like to use my invitation, just right click the image below and click “Copy”. Then paste it into Microsoft Word or Paint and add a text box to add your info.
The invite that I shared is blank, so that you can customize it with the information that you need.
Just click the link & download the file. Once downloaded copy & paste into Word to type in your info.
The font I used for my invites was HamptonsBF.
And it looks like I did not save my quote tag that I used for my treat boxes. I’m sorry. 🙁 
I hope you like my Choices activity and decide to use it for your YW. If you do I’d love to hear how it went and anything you did differently.
Thanks for stopping by & have a wonderful day!


Hi! I’m Sheena, the blogger behind Little LDS Ideas. I love sharing LDS Ideas and printables to help make your life and calling a little bit easier. I am a mother to 4 and a wife to one amazing guy. In addition to being busy with blogging and being a wife/mother, I am also in school. Studying and homework keeps me busy, but I love it. Thanks so much for stopping by! ♥


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  1. Anonymous

    These ideas are so cute but sadly there are many that cannot, in todays economy afford to do all these need boxes and etc. It would be so helpful if things could be done with already on hand kind of things or just plain paper made into cards with crayons. The idea is wonderful, the Flipz are delicious, the point awesome but many feel bad that they cannot do these kind of things for the young women.

  2. Anonymous

    Do your YW not have a budget? I never use my own money.

  3. Anonymous

    I like your ideas. I’ve heard of the coin-flipping and the cookie activities before, but I really like your quote from President Monson about making the “write” choices. I think for those who are worried about their budgets, you could put the quote on either a paper with a picture of a pencil or attach the quote to an inexpensive pencil. Most pencils in packages end up being about 10 to 25 cents each.

  4. kathy

    Wish I could have had a young women leader like you. This sounds like so much fun. Don’t know how you do it. You are so creative

  5. Melissa Marin

    Thank you for this lesson plan! I tried it out with our Young Women group and it was AMAZING! What a great way to point out our responsibility for making choices in our lives and what happens if we just go with the flow or look on the outside packaging. Thank you again! I will be back for more great ideas.

  6. Angela Grange

    Thank you for this great idea! Thanks!

  7. di

    What size did you print the invitations to? 4×6?

    1. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, Di! Glad you got it figured out. 🙂 Thanks so much for the comment.

  8. di

    Nevermind, I printed these invites out on 4×6 & edited mine using PicMonkey. I also included a chocolate coin on each instead of a real coin. I used them as a handout after our activity rather then an actual invite, using the quote you shared from Pres. Monson. They tuned out great. Thank you for the idea & cute handout.

  9. Moti

    Hey! Is the sign off still #3 doing this activity?

    1. Hi Moti!
      It should be. We did this a couple years ago, but I don’t think the Personal Progress booklet has changed. 🙂

  10. Maria Sanchez

    YOU are a blessing! This is totally AWESOME! Im doing this with my kids.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Maria. ? Im so glad you like the idea. Hope your kids enjoy it.