Menu Planner for Activity Days and Personal Progress

Hi there!  It’s Natalie here with a Menu Planner for Activity Days and Personal Progress to help guide your girls (and maybe yourself!) in planning, preparing, and serving a delicious meal.

Menu Planner for Activity Days and Personal Progress

Activity Days

The Faith in God for Girls booklet has great ideas of how to serve others.  One of them instructs: “Plan, prepare, and serve a nutritious meal.”

Menu Planning can be tiresome and frustrating, and when you add a sweet 8-11 year old girl to the equation it may seem completely overwhelming.  However, I can promise that efforts given to teach and trust your children with meal preparation has long term benefits.

Here is the perfect printable for you and your daughter to keep the planning, shopping, and preparing simple.

Decide if she’ll be taking care of breakfastlunch, or dinner.  Then pick a date that works well for your family.  Choose a recipe that your sweet girl is familiar with and       enjoys eating.  This will keep her interested!  Write down the recipe and directions to prepare the dish.  I would also add side dishes (if there are any) at the end of the directions.

The step I always take before making my grocery list is “shopping my fridge/pantry”.  Make a list of ingredients you will need for the meal that you don’t have enough of at home.

I would have her write down everything.  It will give her ownership and help her fulfill the Faith in God requirement.

Personal Progress

The Personal Progress program for Young Women also has a required Good Works    experience that includes menu planning.  It states:  “Service is an essential principle of family living.  Help plan your family’s menus, obtain the food, and prepare part of the meals for two weeks.  During that time help your family gather to share mealtimes.  Report to your class what you have learned.”

Since their requirement lasts longer, I have made two printables for this Personal Progress experience to help keep them organized.

The first printable is a weekly menu planner.  Choose a week that works well for your Young Woman and family.  You could separate the menu planner into separate sections for different meals, or just focus on dinner.  Fill in the boxes with meal ideas.  I might also add a reminder of where to find the recipe and its directions and then display it in the kitchen.

The second printable is a grocery list.  Write down the ingredients she’ll need (after shopping the fridge/pantry) for the meals she’ll be preparing for the week. 

With Easter and General Conference coming up in just over a week, I think it could be wonderful to have your daughter/granddaughter help with Easter Dinner, Breakfast before General Conference, or a Girls’ Night Dinner while the boys in the family are at the Priesthood Session.  Help them complete some of these goals, play a part in family traditions, and serve their family.


Click HERE to print a Menu Planner for Activity Days and Personal Progress

If you have recipe ideas you would like to share, please comment and leave a link for other readers to find the recipe.  After all, finding recipes is the most difficult part of menu planning, isn’t it?

Thanks for stopping by!

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