153-Day Book of Mormon Reading Challenge

Challenge the Young Women (or your family) to complete the Book of Mormon by the end of the year with this 153-Day Book of Mormon Reading Challenge.

This summer, as I was driving to a baseball game, I started thinking about reading the Book of Mormon. As I sat and pondered I remembered the Book of Mormon challenge that President Hinckley encouraged all of the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to participate in. One of the things that I remembered about that challenge was that I did not finish that challenge.

I can list all of the reasons excuses why I didn’t complete this challenge, but they don’t really matter, because I know that I could have, and it still saddens me that I made the choice to not finish. I decided, there in my car, that I was going to try once again to complete it.

It’s amazing how the Lord works in our lives. A few weeks later, at our presidency meeting, the Young Womens president shared that she wanted to come up with a challenge to get the girls reading the Book of Mormon. I immediately told her that I had just been thinking about President Hinckley’s challenge from 2005. She loved the idea, so we decided to do it!

Book of Mormon Tracker Card. 153-Day Book of Mormon Reading Challenge


Book of Mormon Tracker Cards

I created two different tracker cards to help you keep track of where you need to be. One of the cards has the date, starting August 1st (I know…I’m a little late posting this). The other simply has “Day 1,” “Day 2,” etc. Beside each day is a small box that you can use to check off as you finish each daily reading.

At first I created a fun card with different colors, but then I decided to also create a black and white version (both pictured above). The black and white version is great for printing onto colored cardstock. And since it’s black and white, you can make copies at the church!

I know I posted this late, but if you’d like to participate you could have a “Book of Mormon Kick-Off” party for mutual. During the party you could have a read-a-thon and catch up to where you should be. Just an idea. 🙂 I think it would be fun and get the girls excited about the challenge.


Book of Mormon Reading Tracker Cards. President Hinckley Book of Mormon Challenge.


We really wanted to reward the girls who participated and finished. We talked a little bit about what we could do, and we’re thinking of taking them out to dinner. Some of the girls mentioned doing this, and we think they would really enjoy it, so that is what we’re thinking of doing as of right now.

Our girls are reading and are excited to participate in this challenge as a whole group. Even the leaders are doing it as well. I have enjoyed reading from the Book of Mormon each day. We need these words in our life every day, and the youth especially do. Last week I shared this quote from Brian K. Taylor:

“When you feel hurt, lost, scared, upset, sad, hungry or hopelessly abandoned in life’s extremities, open the Book of Mormon and you will come to know God will never desert us.”

I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon. Our hope is that the young women in our ward will grow a love for the Book of Mormon over the next 153 days and notice a change in their lives as they read from its pages every day. It is hard because so many things distract us from these small, but important things.


Click HERE to download my 153-Day Book of Mormon Reading Challenge Cards.


I hope you enjoy my 153-Day Book of Mormon Reading Challenge Cards, and use them for yourself or for the youth in  your ward. I would love to hear if you do, so leave a message letting me know.

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