LDS Young Women August Lesson Handouts

Hello again!  Natalie here with Young Women August Lesson Handouts.  These free printables will be the perfect accompaniment to your preparations from the Come Follow Me manual for the upcoming month.

The theme for August lessons is Marriage and Family.  Young women always seem to be more interested in these topics than others, so I wanted to create some printables that will support these lessons and extend the thoughts and feelings we develop in class.

Young Women August Lesson Handouts

There are one to three handout options for each lesson plan.  Each handout is meant to be paired with a certain learning activity as stated in the Come Follow Me manual.

Why is Family Important?

Why is Temple Marriage Important?

The printable above is meant to accompany the first learning activity listed for this lesson.  Instead of writing a letter, I had the young women compose a text they would send to a friend who asked, “Why do you want to marry in the temple?”


Why is Chastity Important?

Why is it Important to Follow the Church’s Standards Regarding Dating?

How Can I Prepare Now to Become a Righteous Wife and Mother?

How Do the Roles of Men and Women Complement Each Other in Families?


How Can I Strengthen My Family?

My idea for this last printable is to have the girls write down a few of their strengths in the left column and then an idea of how that strength can be a blessing to their families in the right column.  For example, listening can be a strength and it can bless a family because everyone can feel heard and appreciated.

I love discussing the topics of marriage and family with the young women.  I love to see them light up as they describe what they hope their future husbands, children, and homes will look like.

I am grateful I’m in a position to help encourage them to include their Savior and His commandments in their hopes and dreams for the future.  I know a printable can’t accomplish this on its own, but it can help facilitate those discussions and be a physical reminder of a young woman’s commitment to keep the commandments.


Click HERE to Download LDS Young Women August Lesson Handouts

Some of these handouts can be used during mutual as well.  You could also CLICK HERE for a planned activity to help your young women complete a Personal Progress experience that focuses on marriage and family.

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