Girls’ Camp Pillow Treats

Hi there!  It’s Natalie back again with some cute printables that will help anyone attending Girls’ Camp this year.  I’ve made these fun tags to accompany Girls’ Camp Pillow Treats that will make your Secret Sister, Youth Camp Leaders, and Young Women Leaders smile.

Girls’ Camp has been recently reworked to ensure young women all over the world have a meaningful experience no matter her living conditions and environment.  If you haven’t read about the change, check it out here.

In the new Young Women Camp Guide it still suggests the activity of Secret Sisters, where each young woman serves and helps another young woman.  It also encourages Youth Camp Leaders to perform simple acts of kindness for the other Young Women.

Girls’ Camp Pillow Treats

These printables (and an accompanying treat) are a perfect way to show a little love and kindness.  Simply sneak one of the following gifts onto a Young Woman’s pillow and wait to see her enjoying your act of love.

I have made two groups of printables.  The first group is more funny and casual.

Also included in this group are:

“Camp Would Be Unbearable Without You” (pair with gummy bears)

“Being Your Friend is a Piece of Cake” (pair with a small cake treat)

“You’re Lit!” (pair with a small flashlight)


The second group of printables is more spiritually focused.

Also included in this group are:

“You are Like a Star Shining Brightly” (pair with Starbursts)

“‘Journals are a Way of Counting our Blessings’ – Spencer W. Kimball” (pair with a journal or notebook and pen)

“You are a Gem” (pair with a Ring Pop)

These printables can be printed two different ways.

Option 1:  print one copy of each tag on one page.

Option 2:  print six copies of a specific tag on one page.

These options will help meet different needs.  If you are a Young Woman looking for ideas for her Secret Sister, Option 1 is perfect.  If you are a Young Women Leader who wants to give all of her young women the same pillow treat, Option 2 would work best.

After downloading, please pay attention to which pages you select to be printed.  Nothing bugs me more when I print something I don’t need or didn’t want.


Click HERE to download your Girls’ Camp Pillow Treats Printables

If you want your Young Women to focus more on serving one another and less on treats, you should check out my Random Acts of Kindness Cards.  You could print out a few cards for each Young Woman and instruct her to leave a card behind after she completes an act of service for another camper.  Easy and fun!

If you think of something else to pair with a specific tag please leave a comment below.  I’d also love to see pictures of you using them, just tag me on Instagram!

Thanks for stopping by!

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