Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Candy Necklaces

I wanted to share a great Mother’s Day gift idea today since Mother’s Day is Sunday!
These are easy enough to do with your children at home, Primary or YW’s even.

To create your own Candy Necklaces you will need:
Tulle: Tulle can be found at any craft supply store. I found mine at Michaels, but I have seen it at Wal-Mart as well.

But beware of the glitter tulle. If you don’t mind your home or Primary room being coated in glitter than go ahead and buy the glitter, but if you’d rather not mess with the mess then stay away!
Candy: You will need 5-7 pieces of candy for each necklace (depending on the size of candy that is used).

Curly Ribbon: Cut strips of curly ribbon about 8 inches long. You will need about 6-8 pieces of ribbon for each necklace (once again…depending on how many pieces of candy you use).

Candy Necklace Tutorial
To create a candy necklace first you will need to cut a strip of tulle measuring about 36” long. 

At one end of the tulle leave about 3-4” and then tie a knot using your curly ribbon.
**If you decide to do this for Primary I would suggest cutting all of your tulle and curly ribbon before-hand. You could even have the first knot tied as well.

Next, grab a piece of candy and place it on the tulle right beside/after the first knot.

Then wrap the tulle around the piece of candy.
Grab a piece of curly ribbon and tie another knot at the end of the piece of candy.

Continue doing this until all the candy is used or until you can’t fit anymore candy. Be sure to leave another 3-4″ at the other end of the necklace.
Grab both ends of your necklace & tie a knot.
Then, curl your ribbon and you’re done!

These are simple and what Mother wouldn’t love a necklace filled with yummy candy!?!

Helpful Tips
If you are thinking of doing this during Primary here are some helpful ideas you could use:
Helpers: You will of course need several adults to help you out.
Stations: Have different stations for the candy and for making the necklaces.
Have a group of children first go and pick out the candy they would like in their Mother’s necklace(have several stations for candy).
Then send them to a station for making the necklace.
Then send them to a station to curl their ribbon on their necklace.
If you have a large Primary then obviously not everyone will be making necklaces at the same time. Have another activity that the other children could do while they wait to make their necklace.
Have them make a card for their Mother or have them fill out a Mother’s Day questionnaire about their Mother. I have seen some cute ones on Pinterest. 
My Daughter did one last year in school and I loved reading her answers.
Here are some questionnaire links that I found: 

Another one from Organize Your Stuff Now.
And one last one from U Create.

Well that’s all I’ve got for today. I hope you like my candy necklace idea and decide to make some soon.
Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

COMING SOON: Be on the look out for some General Conference handouts and my VT message for May.
We have been out of town and without internet so I’m a little behind. 🙂



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