Mother’s Day Chapstick Idea

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May is right around the corner, which means it’s about that time that we celebrate those wonderful women in our lives. A couple weeks ago I was trying to come up with a new Mother’s Day gift idea. You see a lot of candy/chocolate gifts (no complaint here with that one) flower gift ideas, coupon books, etc. I wanted to come up with something a little different, but something that mothers would use. I finally came up with the idea of giving chapstick or lip balm. We all use it, and I’m sure some of us misplace ours quite often, so I figured that a Mother’s Day Chapstick Tag Printable would be a great idea!

Mother's Day Chapstick Tag

The hard part was coming up with a saying for the tag. It took me a little bit, but I finally figured it out, and I’m pretty pleased with the phrase I chose. Next, I got to work creating a fun tag to use. I knew I wanted something that you could attach the chapstick directly to, but I thought it would be good to have a tag so you could attach it to a bag of treats, a fun questionnaire, or another craft. Here is what I created!

Mother's Day Chapstick Tag

I went ahead and created 3 different color options. Above is the ‘peach confetti’ Mother’s Day Chapstick Tag. I also created a light pink polka dot tag, and a simple black and white tag. The black and white tag would be great to print onto any color cardstock or it would be really cute printed onto Kraft paper.

I thought this gift idea would be perfect for the Primary children to give to their Mother’s on Mother’s Day, but it would also be great for YW or even school classes!


Mother’s Day Chapstick Tag

You obviously will need chapstick for this gift idea. You can purchase chapstick in bulk. Here is a 24-Pack of ‘Chap-Ice’ from Amazon. When you purchase the larger pack the price ends up being .41 cents per tube. Great price!

Mother's Day Chapstick Tag


DIY Lip Gloss for Activity Days

I know most of us in Primary don’t have a huge budget, so .41 cents per tube might still be too expensive. No worries, try making your own! This would be great for Activity Day girls, and they could probably pass it off in their Faith in God booklet. Talk to your Activity Day leader, and ask if the girls would like to make lip gloss/chapstick for the mothers. Then have them do this the week of Mother’s Day!  Here is a great tutorial and recipe from Teepee Girl!

Homemade Lip Gloss

Here are a some other great recipes that you could use:

3 Chapstick and Lip Balm Recipes from Cranial Hiccups

DIY Lip Gloss Recipe from Your Home Based Mom (she even includes a great Activity Day Lesson!)


Each of the above sites have links to the ingredients you need. Your Home Based Mom used lip balm containers to put their lip gloss in, like THESE. Or you can use lip balm tubes, like THESE!


Other Gift Ideas

The chapstick gift would be great all on it’s own, but I usually like the Primary children to add a little something to give to their Mother’s. In my picture above, I attached the tag to a box/bag of Hershey kisses. I also saw this adorable “Mother’s Day Newspaper” printable, from Martha Stewartthat would be great!

You could also attach the chapstick to a bag of ‘Riesens’ and use my “10 Riesens I Love my Mom” printable, HEREthat I shared last year.

I love Mother’s Day questionnaires, they are always so funny!


What are you planning to do for Mother’s Day? Do you usually have the Primary children make something for their Mothers?


Click HERE to print my Mother’s Day Chapstick Tag!


Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoy my Mother’s Day Chapstick gift idea. I would love to hear if you use my tags, so be sure to leave me a comment.

Have a great day!

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  1. Lori

    Hi Sheena, This is a really cute idea, where did you get the cute little green polka dot boxes?

  2. Keisha Abrahams

    Sheena, I think this is amazing! I definitely am going to use this idea. I have been searching for something useful, but inexpensive for the ladies in my church congregation. I am a working mom of two, six and five months and my anniversary is this weekend so I really didn’t have much time for preparing anything, but I do believe I have struck gold. Eureka!

    1. Thanks, Keisha! I’m so glad you like the chapstick idea. It’s always nice to receive something useful for Mother’s day, and we all need chapstick. 🙂 Thank you so much for the comment, and Happy Anniversary!

  3. Valerie Gage

    Hello, What did you use to attached the chapstick to the tag? Thanks for the great printable!

    1. Hi Valerie! I’m sorry I am just now responding. I attached the chapstick with glue dots. You can find them at most craft stores. They’re amazing!