“Red Chair” General Conference Review Game

Hey Friends! This is Emily from Hey Friend Design Shop. I’m stopping by today to share my “Red Chair” General Conference Review Game Activity. I shared this fun idea in the Latter-day Saints Primary Presidency Facebook Group before Spring General Conference, and it was a big hit. So I knew we needed to update and share it for all of you!

“Red Chair” General Conference Review Game Activity

I can’t take credit for the “Red Chair” concept. I’ve seen several different versions, but today I want to share my spin on it.


“Red Chairs” Engineering Print

LDS "Red Chair" General Conference Review Game

First up, you need an Engineering Print of the “Red Chairs”. These are super inexpensive at a local Print & Copy Place. This PDF file is sized for 24”x36” so it’s a perfect fit for an Engineering Print. However, you will cut off several blank inches on the right side that aren’t needed.

In case you don’t get an Engineering Print done, I’ve got you covered! Here’s a file with the same “Red Chairs” for your regular 8.5”x11” paper. (I even included the layout photo to help you set up.)

DOWNLOAD HERE: “Red Chairs” Engineering Print

DOWNLOAD HERE: “Red Chairs” 8.5″x11″ File


General Authority Photo Cards

UPDATED 11/9/2018: I’m no longer able to share the original file for the General Authority Cards. I was so excited to share this post, and the cards before Conference- that I shared before my approval e-mail had come back. Unfortunately, the Intellectual Property department did not grant me permission to share my file on any website or distributed outside of those in my calling.  I am so sorry and totally apologize! 

I have another option so YOU can still print the photos and use them for your calling and for “The Red Chairs.” Download the file below and follow the instructions, there are pretty simple. They will guide you through printing the General Authority Photos in a size that will work for the Red Chairs and any other activity shared here at Little LDS Ideas.

Again, I apologize. I am still really new at this blogging world. The Church has a wonderful Media Library for us to use in our callings and to serve our families. It just gets a little trickier when we try and share our designs from their files outside of that area, and we are asked to request permission before sharing. Lesson learned.

Download Here: Instructions to Print General Authority Photos


General Authority “Info” Cards

I used these cards from the Children’s Friend as the Info Cards. (You can find the full link here.) Each card has three facts about each Apostle. The Printable in the Friend is a full-page magazine spread, and is a bit tricky to print from since it’s so large. I figured you’d like some help- so I cropped it for an easy two-page print to make your “Info Cards”. Again, I backed these with colored paper so the children couldn’t see through them.

DOWNLOAD HERE: General Authority “Info” Cards from The Children’s Friend


After everything is printed and cut, you are ready to play. There are so many fun uses for the “Red Chair” Review. Here’s how I used it…



During Sharing time, I had Junior Primary go “Fishing” and catch one of the Apostle Cards. Then and we talked about who the photo was and shared an “object” for each one. Last, we added the photo to their correct “Chair”.


For Senior Primary we played a Matching game. They had to match the correct Apostle Photo Card to the Info Card. If they were able to find a match- we read the Info Cards & put the photo card of the Apostle in the correct “Chair”. Then for an extra challenge they had to try and guess the “object” that represented that Apostle.

…More on the “Objects”

The info cards from the Children’s Friend have three facts about each Apostle. I brought an object (or picture of the object) to represent each Apostle.  For example– President Nelson- Doctor Instruments, Elder Holland- BYU Flag, Elder Uchtdorf- Airplane, etc. The primary children LOVED seeing all the different things about the Apostles. It really helped them to relate and make connections to our Prophet & Apostles.


We played the “Red Chair” General Conference Review Game the week before General Conference. Then in our ward Facebook Group, I shared several General Conference Activities that the families could print and use to help their own children listen and remember talks from General Conference. Ideas from Little LDS Ideas…{here}{here}{here}…&{here}.

Then the week following General Conference, I followed up with my Primary children. I was thrilled to hear from the children how many had really listened to different General Authorities Conference talks. Many of the Primary Children had even shared some of the details about the General Authorities with their families during Conference!

The “Red Chair” General Conference Review Game would also be amazing AFTER General Conference, especially for Senior Primary, Youth Sunday School, or as a Family Home Evening Activity. You could use the Apostle Photos Cards and review what each Apostle spoke about during conference.

I’m excited to hear how you use these for your calling and with your family. Thanks for stopping by!

Emily Clark

Emily Clark

Emily is a hobbyist photographer and graphic designer. She loves chocolate chip cookies, summer time, & cold Mt. Dew. A former Elementary Teacher, Emily now spends her days chasing two little boys and one red-headed princess. She lives in a small town in Northeastern Utah, with her husband and three children. They love spending time in the mountains, watching movies, and gardening.
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  1. Ummm this is the cutest thing ever!! What a great little game and prep for conference!

    1. I know! I absolutely LOVE this game that Emily shared.

  2. I love this!!!! Thank you for sharing! I’ve been trying to come up with an activity for my Activity Day Girls for our activity before General Conference. This is perfect!

    1. Emily Clark

      Yea! What a way to use it! Glad to hear you love it!

      1. Okay, j just downloaded it and ordered it through Staples. They wouldn’t let me print it as an engineer print because of the saturation or something! 😭 And a poster would have been $29.99. So I just did the 8.5 x 11 pages with 2 chairs each and that worked great 😊 so just FYI. I LOVE THIS!!!!!! Can’t wait to use it!!!! I’m doing singing time this Sunday and think I’ll use it for that and then use it for Activity Days in a different way. One thought I had was to find each apostles’ favorite Children’s hymn or regular hymn and match it. ??? And then use the info cards for my Activity Day girls. You don’t happen to have a list of the apostles’ favorite church songs, do you? 😬 the hardest part will be finding their favorite PRIMARY song…

        1. Emily Clark

          Thanks for the heads up on Staples- some print places are particular, I’m learning! I’ll remember that next time I do a big Engineering Print as a share. I love your idea to use the Apostle’s Favorite Songs… I don’t have a list to share. I think that’s an awesome idea, one I will add to my list to figure out though!

  3. Sara

    Thank you for this! I wanted to do this very concept but hadnt had time to come up with my own designs. This will be fantastic! Bummer though, my local brand name print shop caught onto the use of engineer prints for other than engineer prints and no longer let me do that… Thank you so so so much!

    1. Emily Clark

      Hi Sara! I’m glad this saved you some time. Hopefully you saw the file for the “Red Chairs” on regular printer in the post. I knew not everyone would be able to get Engineering Prints. I hope your primary enjoys- it’s a fun activity!

  4. Tara

    How do I download the engineering print so I can email it to a printing shop? When I click download, it just appears on my screen but hasn’t downloaded anywhere on my computer that makes it possible for me to attach and send to a printing shop. Please help! This is such a cute idea, I want to use it THIS weekend!

    1. Emily Clark

      Hi Tara. Try this and see if it works- Click the Download Here link. When it opens and you can see the image- look to the top right of your screen. There should be an circle arrow (rotates image), pointed down arrow (to download), and a printer icon. Click the pointed down arrow, and it shoulld download for you. Try that and then let me know if you still need help. I’d be glad to email the file over.

  5. Dusty

    Hi Emily,
    This is a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing. I have one question where would I find where each of them are seated? I’ve search it online and it has turned up no good results. If you could point in the right direction it would be fabulous!!

    1. Emily Clark

      Hi Dusty! I’m glad to hear you liked this idea, it’s been a fun one! I used the link below, and put the Apostles in order as listed- starting with Ballard and ending with Soares. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions. https://www.lds.org/church/leaders?lang=eng

      1. Dusty

        Thank You So Much!!

        1. Emily Clark

          Hi Dusty! You are so welcome!

  6. Hollie

    Thanks for fun ways to help teach my kiddos!

    1. Emily Clark

      You are so welcome!

  7. Kerstin

    Do you happen to have a jpeg file for this? If I order through Sam’s Club a 24×26 print is super cheap but they can’t do a PDF file. 🙂


  8. Melanie Papworth

    Just did this tonight for Activity Days. It was a total hit! We all learned a ton about these amazing men. Thank you SO MUCH for creating this and sharing it!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Emily Clark

      So glad to hear you loved it!

  9. Glenda

    Thank you so much for sharing this idea. I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a conference activity – this is PERFECT. You just saved me an enormous amount of time. Thank you Emily

    1. Emily Clark

      You are so welcome! It’s such a fun activity!