My Yearly Goal & A game idea for Family Home Evening

 At the beginning of this year I decided to make some goals for myself. Since the theme this year is ‘I Know the Scriptures are True’ I decided to be better at studying the scriptures. I am going to be completely honest here, I have always struggled with reading my scriptures. Yes…I know…..I’m horrible!! 🙂
I decided I can’t stand up and teach Sharing Time and encourage the children to Read Every Day if I can’t even do it myself. So, this is my goal, this year I am going to:
Be Fed, Be Filled, & Gain
Now this doesn’t mean I’m going to feed myself (stuff my face) until I’m full and gain lots of weight, because we all wish we could say that, right? hehe What I mean is:
I want to be Spiritually Fed, and be Filled by the Spirit, so that I Gain a stronger Testimony of the Scriptures and the Gospel.
After I decided that this was going to be my goal our Primary President gave us a Challenge, as a Presidencty, that went right along with my goal. She said she noticed, while reading the Conference edition of the Ensign, that there was a challenge for all the members of the church in the back. It says:
“You’ve heard the messages; you’ve felt the Spirit; you’ve committed to follow the counsel. But now that general conference is over, how will you make it part of your life for the next six months?”
I am definitely one of those people that comes away from Conference feeling so great, wanting to be better, but then Monday comes and the craziness begins again. And before I know it I have forgotten how I felt listening to the wonderful words that were said at General Conference.

Anyway…back to my story. So as a Primary Presidency that is our goal for the year, to make the wonderful words we hear at conference part of our every day lives.

I think this is an Awesome challenge and I’m so grateful for our Primary President for giving us (me) this challenge, she is an amazing woman.
This last Sunday we had a Teacher In-service meeting. I was assigned to come up with a game that had to do with the Conference issue of the Ensign. The Primary President wanted me to extend the same challenge to our teachers. So all last week I was trying to decide what I was going to do. I spent alot of time reading the Ensign (which I loved!) and trying to come up with a game. Then I thought of one.
In the church we are taught that we must have a ‘Firm/strong Foundation’. And what do we do to build that strong foundation? We study, attend church, etc. etc. So, I thought to myself  ‘Making the conference talks part of our lives is helping us build that strong foundation’.
So, we played a little ‘building’ game. Get it…’Strong Foundation’….building. 🙂 That’s all that I could come up with. But it turned out great and everyone had fun.
Family Home Evening Idea
And this is where the Family Home Evening Game fits in to this post. I think this would be great to do as a Family Home Evening Lesson. Here is what we did:
Like I said, I read through the Conference issue of the Ensign, and then I came up with several questions. I typed up the question and then below the question I had the name of the person who gave the talk.
Example: Where should we look for answers to our problems and questions?
Elder Kevin R. Duncan
(Do you know the answer???)

I typed up 18 questions like this and then cut them out and taped them to Jenga blocks. At our in-service I split the Primary Teachers into 2 teams. I told them that if they answered the question correctly first they got to keep that block and begin building their tower. The tallest tower at the end of our time would win!
I was really surprised at how fast they found the answers, I was a little scared that it would take awhile, but it worked out geat.

If you did this for Family Home Evening I would definitely make up some more questions. I only had 15 minutes, so I knew I wouldn’t need too many questions.

Tell your family that whoever builds the tallest building without fallind down (we want to make sure it’s on a Firm Foundation), Wins!!
You could do this as a race type game (how we did it). Split into 2 teams and the first to find the answer first gets to keep that block and add it to their building.
Or do it as a family, this would be good for smaller children. Have someone pick a block and read the question aloud. Then as a family find the answer and read it together. You could discuss what was being taught or another quote that goes along with that question. After you have answered it add it to your building.

You could even do it reverse, like the actual Jenga game. Have some blocks with questions and some without. Take turns taking blocks off of the tower without making it fall. If a question is chosen have that person find the answer.

Just some ideas to incorporate the Conference talks into a fun Family Home Evening.
I hope you didn’t mind my long rambling about my Goals for the year and all that, but I wanted to share it with all of you.
What are some of your goals this year? I would love to hear them.

I have included my questions that I used for my game. Just click Here to view/print them.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I love this idea for FHE :O) I love your blog and just wanted to let you know I am starting a Conference Idea Linky Party to compile great ideas for kids and families during conference. Traditions you have, special recipes you make just for conference, or craft ideas, things to get the kids involved and listening. I would love if you would come join with any ideas!

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