General Conference Printable Study Guide: October 2018

Hi everyone- Valerie from Occasionally Crafty visiting today with a printable General Conference Study Guide !  

So, I have a confession. General Conference hasn’t always been that important to me. I always knew I should study the talks after conference and do more to improve my life. But sometimes, when I was barely keeping things afloat already, I just couldn’t fathom doing one more thing.

Plus, when there are so many speakers and so many stories, they all run together. Even though I take a lot of notes, I am not good at remembering who spoke about what. If someone jogs my memory, like “I loved when Elder Gong talked about painting with Elder Scott”, then I will excitedly remember the talk and think about it. But I have never been able to just rattle off quotes from General Conference. I probably never will be that person.

General Conference Printable Study Guide October 2018

If you’re not that person either, you might like the General Conference Study Guide I created. Now, I love General Conference and look forward to seeking direction from God specifically applicable to my life. For this guide, I pulled a quote from each talk by the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles to help jog my memory. If I can at least learn that much, hopefully it will help me remember the rest of their talks.

I also study the talks in depth, one at a time. But having this study guide with me gives me something to focus on for a quick spiritual thought, or just to ponder when I have some down time. I keep a copy in my church binder.

So, why didn’t I include the other talks too? While I did list the other talks, honestly I focused on these because we get quizzed on them in Ward Council.  That’s right– my bishop goes around the room and quizzes us on who said what. (Aren’t you jealous? I don’t enjoy it at all, but I sure am learning my conference talks!) He focuses on the 15 prophets and apostles, so that’s where I spent my time.  I will create an additional page with the other speakers because honestly, some of my favorite talks were by other leaders of the church! I just need more time!


Download General Conference Study Guide

You can download your study guide by clicking here.



As a Relief Society President, I know many sisters (and families) are much like I used to be– studying General Conference talks just isn’t a priority. This is a great tool to pass out to your organization to help jump start their desire to know the conference talks better. I know that God speaks to us through His Prophets. If those in your class only have time to read a quote, then that’s what He will use to touch their hearts.

If this helps you at all, let me know in the comments! Thanks so much for stopping by.

Valerie Earnest

Valerie Earnest

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    This looked like such a great site but I am having difficulty accessing your printables. I have down loaded the Chrom which was required but am still having difficulty accessing your site to print.