General Conference Quiz Sheet (Updated for 2020)

Need an easy activity to keep your kiddos busy during General Conference? This General Conference Quiz Sheet is one-page and includes questions to help your children stay a little more focused during General Conference (updated for April 2020). Enjoy!

October 2018 General Conference Quiz Sheet

This sheet is full of different General Conference questions that they can answer. How many will they do? When creating this sheet I tried to come up with questions that would help them listen a little more closely to General Conference, but still be fun. You could use this one sheet for all sessions of General Conference OR you could print one out for each!

This sheet is geared toward older children, but I’m sure younger children would love to fill this out as well, with help from an older sibling or parent. 


General Conference Quiz

Here are some instructions on filling out your General Conference Quiz sheet. What session of Conference is this? The children will have to pay attention to figure this out. 🙂 Can you see what the weather looks like at the Conference center? Is it sunny or maybe it will be rainy? You could also have them describe the weather where you are.


Speaker Section

Part of the ‘Speakers’ section would be great for smaller children. At the top of this section you see the question: ‘How many speakers are men/women?’ My idea for this section was to keep track of the speakers by tally marks. Whenever a new speaker gets up to the podium, have your child make a tally mark either in the ‘men’ or ‘women’ section. At the end of conference you could review how many were in each category and what the difference was. I think small children would enjoy keeping track by tally marks.

The rest of the section is pretty self-explanatory. Have the children write down 2 people that spoke during General Conference, what they spoke about, and 2 scriptures that they heard during their talks (or they can list 2 scriptures that they heard throughout conference).



I love the music during General Conference, so I had to include something about music. Have your children listen to each of the songs, and have them write down 4 songs that they hear during General Conference. They could even share their favorite song that they heard.


Family Home Evening Review Idea

What do you do with the sheets after General Conference? Why not use them for a fun FHE activity?

For Family Home Evening the next day, have everyone pull out their quiz sheets and their ‘I Spy’ sheets and discuss what was taught during General Conference. Everyone could share a favorite quote, scripture, song, etc.

On the bottom of each of my ‘General Conference Quiz’ sheets, as well as my ‘I Spy’ sheets, you will see a ‘# of questions answered’. Have everyone add up their scores, and then have a fun reward for different point totals. OR you could use my fun Conference Sundae idea found, HERE, as a fun FHE activity.

I also have some great General Conference I Spy Sheets that usually go great with my General Conference Quiz Sheet. I didn’t update them this time, since General Conference is going to be a little different. But if you’d like to download them, you can find the I Spy sheets, HERE!

These would also be another great printable to handout to the Primary children in your ward. Feel free to print as many as you’d like!


Click HERE to print my General Conference Quiz Sheet!


Try this link if the other isn’t working.


I hope you enjoy my General Conference Quiz sheet, and use it as you watch General Conference. I would love to hear if you do, and how it goes.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great day!

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