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I am so excited for General Conference. I am hoping I’ll actually be able to listen to each of the talks this time. Having small children at home can make it difficult to do this, I’m sure all of you understand what I’m talking about. But with the help of some amazing women, I have found a few ideas I am going to try this General Conference.
And if you have an idea you’d like to share please share. Just send me an email, leave a comment, or leave the link at the bottom of this post.
Preparing for General Conference:
This year I decided I want to prepare our kids for General Conference. I thought of doing something during Family Home Evening to talk about it. But of course General Conference has kind of snuck up on me and I haven’t prepared anything. I did have a thought though that I may end up doing.
How do you prepare your kids for Conference???
Conference Treasure Hunt Idea
I thought my kids would enjoy this, I just thought about it, so it’s not really planned out in detail.
For F.H.E. or the night before Conference:
Have a picture of the First Presidency and the 12 Apostles (you can find some online or in March’s issue of The Friend). Explain to your children that this Saturday and Sunday is very special. This weekend is General Conference. Discuss with your children what that means and what happens.
Show your kids the picture of the First Presidency and the 12 Apostles. Tell your family that during General Conference we get to hear these men speak to us. Their counsel is very important, it is a ‘treasure’. Go on to explain why it’s so important.
Have an empty treasure chest. Tell your family that your treasure chest is empty. Then tell them that we need to fill it up, but not with just normal treasure. We need to fill it up with ‘Spiritual Treasure’. Explain to your family as you listen to Conference we will be filled with the Spirit, we will hear the things that we need to do, we will hear from our Prophet, Pres. Monson, etc. And that is the treasure we are seeking! We learn many great and important things during Conference, so this year we are going to go on a ‘Conference Treasure Hunt’.
You could then talk about the different topics that might be discussed during Conference or you could talk about the First Presidency and the 12 Apostles. Tell your family that those are the ‘treasures’ that will fill up our treasure chest.
General Conference Treasure Hunt:
The treasure hunt will happend during General Conference.
For the treasure hunt you could have picture of jewels (just find some online and print them off), treats, boxes (with something inside), etc. On each item you could attach a picture of a topic that might be discussed during Conference, you could put a word (prayer, temples, etc.) or you could put a picture of someone (Pres. Monson, Pres. Eyering, etc.).
During Conference have your children listen to each talk. At the end of the talk discuss with your family what was being taught. Then have your children find that treasure and place it in the treasure chest.
You could, ahead of time, hide the treasure and make a treasure map for your children telling them where each treasure is: example: ‘Prayer Treasure’-in Mom & Dad’s Bed; ‘Temple Treasure’- in the Laundry Room, etc.
At the end of Conference, or each session, go through your treasure chest and discuss what was taught. Then enjoy your ‘Treasure!!’
 I want to know how you are planning to prepare. If you have an idea please share by emailing me, leaving a comment or adding a link at the bottom of this post. Thanks!!

For Adults- Preparing for General Conference:
~At our last Primary Presidency Meeting our Primary President challenged us to go/watch General Conference with a specific question in mind. And if we did this our question would be answered. I loved this, so I am planning on having a specific question in mind.
~Here is a great list for Preparing for General Conference from Bethany of Bethanology:
~Here is a great General Conference Note Packet from ‘The Red Headed Hostess’:
(If you’ve never been to her blog, you should definitely take a look. She has some amazing ideas for scripure study)
General Conference Activity Ideas:
~The Church has come out with some great packets/printables and online games:
~Aubrie of A Mama B’s has 2 wonderful ideas for Conference:
Conference Store (I love this one!)
She’s also having a ‘Linky Party’ for Conference Ideas, so take a look for some great ideas.
~Have a General Conference Wall:
~Alison from Oopsey Daisy has some great activities for Toddlers:
~General Conference Bingo:
~General Conference Easter Egg Hunt
This actually would have been good last year, but I didn’t think of it then. So I’m sharing it this year. 🙂
Since Easter is approaching I thought of this idea. Get some plastic Easter Eggs and fill them with different treats/prizes.
On each egg attach a picture of the First Presidency and 12 Apostles (each person will have their own egg). You could also add some pictures of topics that might be discussed during General Conference. I also thought of adding a picture of a smiley face for any speakers that I might not have a picture of (Primary Presidency, Relief Society Presidency, etc).
During General Conference have your children watch and when someone from the First Presidency or one of the 12 Apostles speaks, have your child go find the egg.
If you do pictures of topics have them search for the egg when they hear that word (ex: Temple, tithing, Book of Mormon, etc.). Once they find the egg have them come sit back down and enjoy their prize as they watch.
General Conference Packets:
~The Church has come out with some great packets/printables and online games:
 ~Here are some great Conference Packets from Sugardoodle & Scriptures4kids:
~Here’s a General Conference from Alison of Oopsey Daisy:
Each packet has a page for each Apostle. For each apostle, there is…
* A profile picture.
*A picture of a tie that can be designed and colored according to what they are wearing.
*An interesting fact about their lives.
* Space to take notes or draw a picture about their talks.
Yummy General Conference Recipes:
Growing up we always watched Conference at the church. We always packed a pic-nic type lunch (Sandwiches, chips, etc.) So, if the weather is nice where you live you could go to a nearby park and have a family pic-nic. But if you’re like us and still have snow, have a pic-nic in your living room. Get a nice big blanket and your pic-nic basket and have lunch. 🙂

I don’t know if I’ve shared this with you before, but I LOVE cooking and baking and I am a Recipe-a-holic. I read cookbooks like novels (I get this from my Mother and Grandmother). But I don’t have any specific ‘Conference Recipes’ that I cook or bake every Conference. So I want to know what you do in your families. 

Here is where all of you come in:
How do you prepare for Conference? Have you seen an idea or have one that you’d like to share? Do you have a yummy Conference recipe? Then leacommentve a link and tell us all about it.

Thanks! And have a wonderful Conference weekend


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