General Conference I Spy sheets

Click HERE for my updated 2018 General Conference I Spy Sheets!

General Conference is just a few days away! I love the opportunity that we have as to spend a weekend, twice a year, being uplifted by the wonderful talks that are shared. This year my family and I will be down in Utah, yet again, but this time we will not be attending at the Conference Center. If you’re like me, watching General Conference can be quite the task with young children. I am always trying to come up with new ideas to help them be reverent and watch. But one printable that I created a few years ago is one of our favorites, so I try to update it each General Conference. Today I am sharing an updated version of my General Conference I Spy sheets! Enjoy!

I am so glad that so many of you have enjoyed these fun sheets that I have created. I went ahead and changed the apostles up a little bit, and added a few new things to ‘spy’. 🙂



If you’re new here, and have never used my General Conference I Spy sheets, here is how it works. Print out both sheets before General Conference. As your children watch, have them look for the things that I have included on the sheets. Over the years I have tried to look for things that I know they will show, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. Just tell your kids that they’ll have to keep their eyes peeled! haha

There is a space to draw President Monson’s tie, and another space (on the other page) to draw a picture of one of the speakers.

After General Conference is over, count up how many things they spied, and write their total score at the bottom.


Click HERE to print out my General Conference I Spy Sheets!



To go along with these fun General Conference I Spy sheets, I also created this General Conference Quiz sheet.

And if you want to make it a weekend-long challenge, go check out my General Conference Sundae idea, HERE! This post also has some other great printables that you could use.

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I will be sharing an updated version of my General Conference ‘Go Fish’ cards (aka Apostle Cards), so be sure to stop by tomorrow to check them out!

What are your plans for General Conference weekend? Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend.



Hi! I’m Sheena, the blogger behind Little LDS Ideas. I love sharing LDS Ideas and printables to help make your life and calling a little bit easier. I am a mother to 4 and a wife to one amazing guy. In addition to being busy with blogging and being a wife/mother, I am also in school. Studying and homework keeps me busy, but I love it. Thanks so much for stopping by! ♥


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  1. Lacey

    Okay, I use things on your site all the time for Primary and Visit Teaching and now this! Thank you so much for making these available for use. It is not only creative but love your style. Thank YOU!!!

    1. Thank you, Lacey. I’m so glad you like my I Spy sheets. 🙂

  2. Becky

    I would love the go fish cards for my activity day girls. Have you posted them yet? Thank you for providing such a great service for the rest of us!

    1. Thanks Becky! 🙂 I have posted them and sent you an email.

  3. Sara

    What a great idea! Thank you for sharing! I am trying to find ways to help my oldest transition from just doing activities to keep him busy, so my husband and I can listen, to actually listening himself. These are perfect! I’m excited to put these and your quiz sheets in his packet.

    1. I’m so glad you like them, Sara. I hope they kept chid busy, so you could have a little bit to listen. 🙂

  4. Torri

    I’m just trying to print out the I Spy sheets and the link says it doesn’t work anymore? Are they still available?