{General Conference} General Conference Ideas for Families

General Conference is tomorrow! Are you excited? Are you ready for 2 days full of spiritual uplifting?
I am so ready for a nice {quiet} weekend…my week has been crazy! School, a sick baby, lots of doctor visits…..

Around this time many of us are looking for ways to help our children listen to General Conference. There are so many ideas all over the web. I decided I would compile all of mine into one great post!
So….here is a list of some activities that you could use tomorrow…if you need to.
General Conference Jenga

A fun twist on the traditional Jenga game.
Place keywords on several blocks, and as you hear those words have someone pick one of the matching blocks. But be careful! Don’t let it fall!

General Conference Treasure Hunt
Have your children go on a treasure hunt during Conference. As they listen to conference they will need to listen to keywords in order to find the treasure!

General Conference Go Fish!
Two years ago I shared my General Conference Go Fish!
I created Apostle cards and Topic cards. Play some Gold Fish or any other card game.
General Conference Sundaes
This is what we are doing this year. My children will be earning points by finishing worksheets as they listen to conference. At the end of conference we will add up our points and have a Sundae Toppings Auction.
I have created 6 great worksheets for you to print out and use. AND I just added a 2nd ‘I Spy’ activity sheet!
Hopefully I have fixed all errors on my sheets, but if you happen to find one just let me know. 🙂
Feel free to print out my worksheets even if you don’t want to do the ‘Conference Sundae’ idea.
Other Ideas!
I also wanted to share another great activity that a friend of mine came up with.
Jessica from Latter-Day Chatter has created an awesome
‘Book of Mormon Spot It’ game.
My kiddos love to play Spot It, so I knew I had to have her Book of Mormon version. This would be a great addition to Conference activities or to any Sunday Activity. Plus…Jessica is giving ALL Little LDS Ideas readers a special coupon code for 10% off.
Just enter: GENCON14 to receive 10% off!
This offer is good through Sunday, so hurry! 

Conference Bowls
Annette over at ‘Tips From a Typical Mom’ shared a great idea that works for her family. I’m calling it ‘Conference Bowls’.
They fill bowls with lots of different treats and then label each bowl with a conference word. If you don’t want to have each bowl filled with treats then you could place stickers or other small prizes in the bowls. Love it!
Stop by to take a look at her great idea!

Packets & Other Great Ideas
Sugardoodle has a great packet plus a huge list of other ideas!



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