40 Day General Conference Challenge

Are you up for another challenge!?! General Conference is a little more than a month away, and what are you planning on doing to prepare yourself for that wonderful weekend? A couple weeks ago Shelly Evans messaged me, and told me about a great challenge/event that she puts on Facebook. You can join the ’40 Day General Conference Challenge’ on Facebook, HERE!

UPDATE: The first talk is from April 1985, not 1975. Sorry! 🙂


Here is what Shelly says about the event:

I am starting a challenge to get ready for the April 2016 General Conference. One conference talk a day for 40 days. What a great way to start or end your day and to help feel the spirit. I will post a talk each day or you can chose your own to share with all of us. The goal is to keep each other motivated in preparing for General Conference . Invite your friends and use the hashtags #sharegoodness  #ldsconf and #ldsconf40daycountdown on your social media.

Shelly had the idea of holding this event last October, and had over 15,000 people join in on the 40 Day General Conference Challenge! So, are you up for the challenge? I’m going to do it, and would love for you to join in!

Shelly asked if I would be willing to create a bookmark with the list of talks just in case someone wasn’t able to get on Facebook every day to see which talk everyone was reading that day. I loved her idea, and I love creating printables, so I said ‘YES’.

40 Day General Conference Challenge Bookmark

Here’s a look at the bookmark I created:


I decided to create a simple gray and white bookmark. I didn’t want anything too fancy or frilly, since there are men joining in on the challenge. 🙂

I created a two sided bookmark, 20 talks on the front and 20 talks on the back. I added a short description to the top of the bookmark, and added a quote at the bottom. I also included check boxes beside each of the talks to help keeping track of the talks you’ve read a little easier.

I created 2 different sizes for you to choose from. I created a regular bookmark size that measures approx. 7.5″ X 2″ and fits 2 bookmarks per sheet. And then I created a larger version that measure approx. 9″ X 3″.

Decide which size you’d like to use and then print it out. I would print it onto card stock to make the bookmark sturdier and last longer. You could also laminate the bookmark to help it last longer. Once you have it printed, cut out each side of the bookmark (front and back) and then glue them together. Use the links below to print out your 40 Day General Conference Challenge bookmark!

Click HERE to print my 40 Day General Conference Challenge Bookmark (small).

Click HERE to print my 40 Day General Conference Challenge Bookmark (large).


40 Day General Conference Challenge Info

Are you getting excited about this challenge!?! I know I am! The challenge begins on February 22nd and will go until April 1st. Every day Shelly will post a the new talk on Facebook. You will want to stop by and join Shelly’s ’40 Day General Conference Challenge’ Event so that you receive up to date information, you can visit the event, HERE!


I hope you join me and Shelly and everyone else and participate in this wonderful challenge. I want to say THANK YOU to Shelly for putting this event together and sharing her challenge with all of us, AND thank you for allowing me to create a printable for this event.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope to see you on Facebook! Have a wonderful day.

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  1. Jen

    If you are using the gospel library. The first talk is in the May 1985 ensign.

    1. Thanks, Jen! We realized that today. 🙂 There was a little mix-up there, sorry.

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